9 Unique Gifts for Father's Day

​Father's Day isn't just about honoring biological fathers. It's about father figures of all kinds: dads, granddads, uncles, godfathers, honorary fathers, foster fathers, fathers-to-be, and anyone who's showed a child what it means to live with integrity, honor, and compassion.

So what is it that makes a great Father's Day gift? Something personal, a gift that speaks to your specific memories with Dad and his personal interests. It's also something that he can use everyday, not just look at from time to time. Of course, that means that the right Father's Day gift will be as unique as Dad himself.

Fortunately, we offer a variety of thoughtfully designed, carefully handcrafted gifts that are meant for daily use and meant to make each moment special.

From barware to photo frames to keychains, each one is crafted by many human hands right here in the heart of Vermont.

Here are nine of our favorite gifts for Dad.​​

1. Hammered Jefferson Cup

​A twist on the classic Jefferson cup, the hammered and polished finish on this cup beautifully reflects light. This is as much a piece of art as it is functional drinkware, designed to bring mindfulness to each sip. A thoughtful gift for the cocktail-loving mixologist dad!

Pewter barware is excellent for cold drinks. The metal retains a pleasant chill and traps in a liquid's coldness, making it perfect for a chilled cocktail, cold beer, or white wine.

2. Clover / Green Money Clip

​Money clips are a stylish and useful accessory, part vintage and part modern--perfect for the hip yet pragmatic guy. Our variety of money clips each feature a design that may speak to Dad's specific interests, from a green clover to a compass rose.

"Money clip is beautifully made. A perfect size and nice engraving! Very happy with purchase." ~Marilyn

3. Bike Gears Cufflinks

​A fantastically unique, light-up-their-face gift for the cyclist, mountain biker, road biker, or other biking enthusiast in your life. These handcrafted pewter cufflinks make it easy to bring both elegance and personality into Dad's wardrobe.

If your dad (or brother, husband, uncle, or cousin) loves to bike, delight them with these cufflinks for Father's Day, and they'll never dread getting dressed up again.

 4. Bald Eagle Ornament

​The sight of a bald eagle is a special thing for many people. Its majesty in flight is a sight to behold, along with its fierce beauty and impressive size. It's also, of course, a beloved symbol of all that we are proud of as a country, a symbol of the United States and its dedication to freedom and justice for all. The Bald Eagle Ornament captures both the fierceness and the grace of its namesake, making it a wonderful gift for anyone who loves birds, especially birds of prey.

It's also a treasured part of our Bird Ornament collection, which makes for lovely gifts for the birder, nature lover, and outdoor enthusiast.

5. Engravable Treasure Tray

For the man who likes to stay organized, who keeps his workspace tidy and neat, and/or pays special attention to the details--here's the treasure tray for them. Small enough to fit on a shelf or desk, this simple piece will hold coins, keys, cufflinks, and other pocket-sized sundries. It's also available with designs in the middle such as a trout, golf bag, angel, and clover.

This one is specially personalizable with space for an engraving. Shop all personalized gifts here.

6. Coastal / Waters Oil Lamp

If the man in your life loves to sail or fish, treasures his memories of vacations to the coast, and/or finds particular joy in watching the waves, this oil lamp will bring him unique pleasure. Our Coastal / Waters Oil Lamp was designed with the Downeast Coast of Maine in mind, complete with pine-filled islands and rocky cliffs.

If an oil lamp isn't his style, shop our selection of other nautical-themed gifts and decor such as ornaments, keyrings, candlesticks, and more.

7. Trout Keyring

The Trout Keyring has been a favorite for many years and a top-selling Father's Day gift. It is handcrafted in our Middlebury, Vermont workshop. A fantastic gift for the angler, fisherman, or nature lover in your life, and a sweet reminder of those peaceful days on the water waiting for the next bite.

8. Cardinal Lapel Pin

A visit from a ​cardinal ​represents a message of love and solace from ​a loved one who is far away or has passed. Seeing a cardinal while in grief or missing someone can bring spiritual comfort and hope​, just as the striking crimson red of the male cardinal's ​plumage against a ​wintry white scene ​can bring a promise of life ​and color ​in the ​dead of winter.

With our Cardinal Lapel Pin (and other cardinal-themed gifts, including the zipper pull, treasure box, and keyring), you can give a meaningful gift to the father who may be thinking of someone far away.

9. Federal / Spruce Photo Frame

Preserve Dad's favorite memories in this handcrafted pewter frame that's designed to last a lifetime. Keeping cherished memories close is a beautiful way to remind someone how much they're loved and how much you appreciate them, even if you're far away. Our subtly detailed, hand-applied frames complement any photo and keep it safe for years to come.

For more gift ideas for Dad, check out our Pinterest board and/or the Father's Day category on our website. Thank you for considering Danforth when you're shopping for gifts; we are truly honored to be a part of your life.

However you're celebrating Father's Day, we wish you and all the dads in your life a strong sense of love, community, and appreciation.

Happy Father's Day.