4 ways to get creative with jewelry

What's your relationship with jewelry? Do you enjoy accessorizing every morning, finding meaning in each earring or ring? Or do you tend to wear the same pieces every day, rarely giving it a second thought?

When it comes to accessories, there's no right or wrong. That said, how you dress is an opportunity to bring creativity, mindfulness, and self-expression to your daily routine. So whether you're a long-time jewelry lover or you haven't changed out your necklaces in years, the art of accessorizing is a fun way to shake up your normal routine.

Here are four ways to express yourself in an exciting new way.

1. Try a totally different style.

Whatever you normally wear, try out the opposite! 

If you usually like small charms, go for a big pendant. If you never wear bracelets, slip one on. If you wear post earrings, try dangling. See how it feels...you might be surprised by what a small change can do!

2. Layer your necklaces.

Mixing mini and full-size necklaces creates depth and texture.

You can try this with old jewelry that hasn't come out of your closer in decades, too. Simply pairing one with another can lead to surprising results.


3. Play with color!

This is a great way to step out of your normal routine, especially if you generally opt for classic metals. 

Color adds an instant pop to your look, and trying out new colors can bring mindfulness and delight to an old outfit or a drab day.

4. Let your jewelry reflect what you love.

Jewelry can be more beautiful. It can hold meaning, too.

It can help you express your true style. It can bring mindfulness to daily routines. 

It can celebrate the majesty of nature. It can symbolize a loved one. It can help you find stillness. And much, much more.

Let your accessories serve as reminders of what matters most.

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