5 creative ways to use ornaments year-round

As you might have noticed, we love ornaments..and we know they're not just for the Christmas tree!

Ornaments a wonderful way to create traditions, capture memories, and remind someone how much you love them, all year round. Many people love to give an ornament every year for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, building up a beautiful collection over time. Others love to use ornaments as souvenirs or mementos after a fantastic vacation.

With over 100 to choose from, it's fun to shop for everyone who's celebrating an occasion this year!

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to spread love with ornaments (and 5 ornaments we love that are great for spring and summer).

1. Use an ornament instead of a bow on a gift.

Surprise your loved one with a little something on top of their birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift. Instead of adding a bow, tie an ornament to the ribbon, and maybe add a sprig of dried or fresh flower for an extra touch.

Pictured here are four of our latest designs, the Haiku Dragonfly and Butterfly Ornaments (available in both green and purple). But with our extensive array of ornaments, you can find something for every style, taste, and passion. 

New! Haiku Dragonfly & Butterfly Ornaments

In fact, it's so much fun to shop for ornaments for every taste that we put together a blog post just for that. Find a special ornament for everyone on your list by clicking here.

Hummingbird Ruby Throated Ornament

2. Hang your favorite bird in a houseplant.

Decorating your houseplants with ornaments is a fun way to add some spark to your space. 

Many people love to add to their bird ornament collection year after year. Whether you're a diehard birder and nature lover, or simply love the sight of bluejays at your feeder in the early morning, our handcrafted bird ornaments are a wonderful way to spruce up your spring decor.

3. Use one to adorn a vase or bouquet of flowers.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to bring light and life into your home, and one way to add an extra touch of beauty is to hang an ornament from a ribbon tied around your favorite vase.

This is a lovely way to decorate your own home, and it's also a way to show some extra thoughfulness when giving a gift. Whether you're welcoming a neighbor into a new home, congratulating a friend on an accomplishment, or surprising your sweetheart on your anniversary, a beautiful ornament paired with gorgeous flowers will make them feel every special.

Motherhood Celtic Knot Ornament
Remembrance Poppy Ornament

4. Hang one around a wine bottle as a gift.

Just as adding an ornament to a bouquet or vase of flowers adds an extra "spark," hanging an ornament around a wine bottle neck is a thoughtful way to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

This makes a great host or hostess gift, and a stylish way to show up at a cocktail party or backyard BBQ. It's also an easy gift idea for birthdays, retirements, and other gifting occasions.

5. Display one in a window for a graceful silhouette.

Especially now that the days are getting longer and many people's windows are letting in more and more daylight, an ornament hung in a window adds a fun detail to your living room or kitchen. Many of our ornaments, such as the Whirligig (pictured here), the Haiku Butterfly and Dragonfly (pictured above), the Bicycle Ornament, and the Seagulls Ornament, have simple, elegant lines that make for eye-pleasing silhouettes.

The colorful rays of a sunset look especially lovely shining through an ornament that reminds of something or someone you love. 

Whirligig Ornament

We hope our selection of handcrafted ornaments makes it fun for you to find meaningful, thoughtful gifts and home decor.

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