Holiday Shopping: What to Expect

As you may have heard, retailers are facing many challenges: high demand, labor shortages, and over-burdened delivery systems, among others. Shipping is delayed, and many items are out of stock or on back-order—which may make this holiday shopping season harder.

At Danforth, we are doing everything we can to ensure that your orders arrive in time for your holidays.

We're also committed to staying transparent, so you can understand why this is happening, know what to expect, and take steps to keep Danforth a part of your most cherished holiday traditions.

Here's what you need to know: 

Shipping Timelines

Order by December 10, and we will ship your order by December 17. We cannot guarantee holiday delivery for any orders due to delays in all of the shipping networks, but getting your order in by December 10th means it will go in the mail by December 17th. You would be amazed if you saw all the activity in our workshop, where our craftspeople are working hard to make and package the beautiful items that will be on their way to you shortly!

Made by Hand in the U.S.A.

We make all Danforth Pewter products in our workshop in Middlebury, Vermont. This gives us an advantage. Since we’re not often waiting for parts, we can be hard at work casting, spinning, and assembling your beautiful gifts. That said, we do rely on a select group of vendors for components such as oil lamp burners, necklace chains, and Nativity creches. These manufacturers—many of whom are also small, artisanal companies—are facing the same challenges we are, which may impact the availability of certain products. Again, this is why it’s crucial to get your orders in now!

Plan Ahead

Once your order has shipped, please know that there are potential delays across all delivery networks (USPS, UPS, FedEx), especially during this busy holiday period. If you're worried about a gift arrive on time, print out one of our gift messages (below) so that you have something to put under the tree...just in case!

Other Gift Options

You can always buy your loved one a gift card—the digital ones arrive instantaneously, no shipping required! We’ve also created some “your gift is coming” print-outs below. If your order can’t get to you in time, you’ll still have something to put under the tree. (We know it’s not the same, but hopefully it’s close!) 

Gift Messages for Under the Tree

No matter how early you plan, there's always a chance that a gift won't arrive on time! Print out one of these gift messages to give to the recipient to let them know a gift is on the way. Simply click on the image, and use your browser "Print" function to print out the image. 

Late Shipping Annual OrnamentLate Shipping Annual Ornament
Late Shipping GnomesLate Shipping Gnomes
Late Shipping JewelryLate Shipping Jewelry
Late Shipping Oil LampLate Shipping Oil Lamp
Late Shipping Universal CardLate Shipping Universal Card

At the risk of being repetitive…shop early! The single biggest thing you can do this holiday season is to get your orders in now. This will ensure availability, help us get it to you on time, and help us plan for the coming months.

From our hearts to yours, thank you for letting Danforth be a part of your holiday, and for your patience and understanding in these turbulent times. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season, filled with meaningful traditions, old and new.


The Danforth Pewter team

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