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Bag of Decisions

SKU #08-029-3206-05A

The Decision Coins are meant to help simplify your life with a sense of fun. On each coin is a binary set of choices intended to help you get unstuck, move forward, or choose a path. Flipping a Decision coin will always give you an answer. You can accept the answer at face value and embrace fate. You can however flip the coin, reflect on the result, and allow it to clarify your true feelings and help you act accordingly. Either way, keep your favorites in your pocket, on your night stand, in the change tray in your car, or wherever is handy and you'll always be ready to choose your own adventure.

Bag of Decisions includes:
  • Yes/No
  • Stay/Go
  • Now/Later
  • Work/Play
  • Today/Tomorrow

Each coin measures 1 1/16" in diameter. Set of 5 packaged in a navy organdy pouch.

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