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Hedgehog Netsuke

SKU #14-029-3222

This cute little hedgehog is looking for a safe and quiet place to hunker down. Perhaps that would be on your nightstand or the kitchen windowsill? Wherever you put him he will be happy to be near you.

The hedgehog netsuke measures 13/16" long x 9/16" wide x 3/8" tall. Cast in solid pewter. Designed and handcrafted in our Vermont workshop.

Modeled after a traditional netsuke, a small Japanese figurine, our hedgehog netsuke is irresistibly adorable. A perfect small token and gift, or collectable for anyone. A hedgehog is seen as a positive animal that symbolizes happiness, motherhood, and calmness. They are loved by people because of their relaxed and non-aggressive behavior. Overall, hedgehogs are simply calm and relaxed creatures that symbolize everything that is positive in the world.

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