15 Unique Gift Ideas

Here are 15 of our favorite Danforth gift ideas.

For Every Gift

Add an ornament to the top of a gift box, tied in the ribbon packaging, to create a Unique Gift Topper.

For Dad

A Pint Mug and craft beer growler with peanuts for the Beer Guy.

For Mom

An Anjou Vase for Mom to use for a child's gift of handpicked dandelions.

For Daughter

Engrave a Dresser Box for a girl's Sweet Sixteen.

For the Grandparents

Use our pewter charms, tied with ribbon, to create mini ornaments for a small feather tree to present to Grandma or Grandpa for the holiday season.

For the Foodie

Cheese Board and matching Cheese Knife paired with local cheeses for the Cheese Enthusiast.

For Someone Sweet

A Syrup Pitcher or Maple Leave Ornament with a bottle of pure maple syrup makes a Sweet Gift.

For the Best Friend

A Lotus Purse Mirror to inspire a friend because it reads "Be the change you wish to see", on the back.

For New Beginnings

A Captain Oil Lamp to "light the way" for a new marriage, a new home, or graduation.

For the Newly Weds'

For their first Christmas, the Creche and the Holy Family Set, as they begin their lives together.

For the Mom-To-Be

The Special Delivery Ornament engraved with the expected year of the baby's arrival.

For the New Parents

Cow Cup and Toddler Spork for Baby's First Birthday.

For a Farewell

Engrave a pair of Jefferson Cups with the longitude and latitude coordinates as a Farewell Gift for someone that is moving out of town.

For Healing Hearts

The 2015 Annual Ornament, "A Visitor" in Remembrance of a Loved One.

For the Winter Cold

For a Get Well Gift, a tea infuser with herbal tea and cough drops.