Four mini pewter ornaments (three brightly colored hummingbirds on white ribbons and a classic pewter hibiscus) hang from a branch. A pink hibiscus peeks out from the lower right-hand corner.

Christmas shopping doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a joy​​—a time to discover beautiful, meaningful gifts that will make your friends and family know just how well you know them and how much you love them.

That said, we know that economic times are tough for many people, and Christmas shopping can quickly become an added strain on anyone's budget, especially those with big families and long-held traditions of gift giving. 

For that reason, we've curated a beautiful collection of items tiered by price, so you can shop according to your budget, while still finding that light-up-their-face gift. From gnomes to bird ornaments to handspun oil lamps, here is an array of unexpected, timeless items that will help you and your loved ones make memories and share love.


Gifts under $15

Think you can't get much for less than $15? Think again! From zipper pulls to pocket stones to the adorable Gnomes, there's plenty to find for less than the cost of lunch.

Angel Zipper Pull
Pocket Stones
Gnomes: Lilla & Gron

Gifts under $25

From ornaments to jewelry to keyrings, there's a wide selection of gifts to choose from under the $25 mark. For nature lovers, teenagers, gardeners, and more, find something unforgettable right here.

Blue Heron Ornament
Post Earrings
Moose Keyring

Gifts under $50

Know someone who loves watching the hummingbirds flit around their garden...maybe while enjoying their morning cup of joe? In the $50-and-under range, you'll find a beautiful array of thoughtful gifts that really let your loved one know you're thinking of them.

Hummingbirds & Hibiscus Mini Ornament Set
But First...Coffee Coffee Scoop
Tree of Life Tray & Original Heart Tray

Gifts under $75

Hammered, handspun barware; a trilogy of handcrafted, hand-painted ornaments; and much, much more.

Hammered Jefferson Cup
Botanica Ornament Collection
Abbey Cup

Gifts under $100

Picture frames to capture your favorite memories. Measuring scoops to bring joy and mindfulness to your kitchen endeavors. Exquisitely detailed candlesticks to bring beauty to the details of your holiday decor...all under $100.

Best Friends / Blue Photo Frame
Queen Anne Measuring Spoons on Cord
Mistletoe & Holly Candlestick

Gifts under $150

Oil lamps, barware, and vases: all spun by hand, all strikingly modern yet classic pieces of home decor and kitchenware that will bring smiles to faces, both when they open your gift, and for many years to come.

Skipper Oil Lamp
Middlebury Martini
Forget Me Not Vase



We hope this curated selection of gifts has helped you find pleasure and mindfulness in the gift-giving process. 

This season, may you find warmth, love, and laughter with all your favorite people, with many nights around the fire sharing old memories and making new ones.