Danforth Workshop & Flagship Store


Store Manager: Leda Francis

Leda has worked at Danforth Pewter for four and a half years. She is a proud mom of three amazing kiddos. Outside of Danforth, you can find Leda swimming in the lake, coaching on a soccer field or cheering loudly either on a baseball field or basketball court. What she enjoys most about Danforth Pewter is the sense of community and family. She went to high school with both of Fred and Judi's daughters right here in Addison County, VT. Leda says, "I feel a great connection to the art and creativity that goes into the work our company produces. I personally get to watch and learn about how the product is made daily. I love sharing that information and excitement with our customers."

Danforth Pewter opened our Middlebury, Vermont gift store in 1989. After many years of being located in The Marble Works, a new Workshop & Store was completed in September 2006 at 52 Seymour Street. The new space features a gallery of one-of-a-kind pieces, a history wall with antique Danforth pieces, as well as viewing windows into the workshop. Our Workshop and Flagship Store runs on solar power. We may be the only solar-powered pewter workshop around.

Middlebury is located in the beautiful Champlain Valley, mid-way between Rutland and Burlington, and just across the Champlain Bridge from NY state. You will find our flagship store a short distance from Main Street, Middlebury College, and some of Middlebury's finest inns and bed & breakfasts. Middlebury also has a small private airport and in the near future the Amtrak train from NYC will be passing through for commuters. Middlebury is a wonderful place to visit year round. In the summer you can enjoy the beautiful green mountains, boat in Lake Champlain or find a local swimming hole and dip your feet in the crisp clear water coming off the mountains. The fall brings the magnificent foliage season with brilliant orange and reds. Enjoy the white winters of snow covered hills for skiing and snowmobiling. In the spring, Vermont renews itself with lush green fields of flowers and hungry trout in babbling brooks. Make sure you visit during every season to experience why we call Vermont our home.

Why Should You Visit Us In Middlebury

When customers are able to visit the Flagship store, they get a one on one experience to see and learn how our products are made right in front of them. We have large viewing windows to observe the artists at work. One window looks into the workshop to view ladles of hot melted pewter being poured into molds. On the opposite side of the workshop, visitors get to see pewter discs being spun, on a 100 year old lathe, to become oil lamps, drinkware, and bowls. Customers even ask to purchase the items that they are watching being made at that very moment! A truly unique experience. The Danforth history wall shows the Danforth Family tree, going back to the 1700's with the Connecticut Branch of Danforths. You will also see some antique pewter pieces from the Danforth family. Danforth also held the exclusive license from Disney to create classic Winnie-the-Pooh products in pewter, as well as licenses for Dr. Seuss and Beatrix Potter. Some of these items are still on display in the workshop store.

What You Will Find Here At The Flagship Store & Workshop

The Middlebury Flagship store has our complete line of handcrafted pewter designs, as well as other fine giftware. You will find pewter oil lamps, jewelry, keyrings, holiday ornaments and picture frames plus much more! You will also find the Factory Outlet inside the Flagship Store where one can shop designs from the past and some incredible deals.

Our Favorite Pewter Products

  • Frames: One of us loves photography and displaying a photo that was personally captured on camera makes it much more sentimental.
  • One-Of-A-Kind Oil Lamps: These pieces give our artist an opportunity to express themselves and make unique beautiful pieces.
  • Ornaments: We love how these ornaments create family traditions. For example- The Christmas Pickle, Santa's Key and the annual ornaments
  • Blue Leaf Medallion Collection: This design is available as a keyring, jewelry, candlesticks and oil lamps.
  • Nativity Collection: To buy as a whole set or a fun tradition to add to every year. A great idea for children or grandchildren.

Unique Things About The Sales Associates

  • One of us knows something about EVERYTHING!
  • One of us is a nurse!
  • One of us can answer any local beer question!
  • One of us has been a professional weaver for 30 years!



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