Quotes and Testimonials

“Danforth Pewter was definitely a part of our wedding. At the end of the ceremony, the children in the wedding party rang their engraved Danforth bells with joy.”

"It is nice to think that all these gifts were made in Vermont and are quality items that will be enjoyed"

"We really love your products, and it’s nice to support American artisans and craftsmen."

"I would like to commend you on your excellent customer service. Several days ago we broke the glass chimney on our oil lamp. I had a spare but, when I tried installing it, I could not get it to fit, even when I opened the tines slightly. Since I normally try to keep a spare, I called to order another chimney and mentioned that I thought my replacement chimney was sized slightly too large. The sales person who took my call quickly volunteered to send me two chimneys and only charge me for one. As it turns out, I was correct. The old chimney just did not fit but each of the new ones did fit nicely. I appreciate my word being trusted. Little things like that need to be noticed and I thank you.

Very truly yours,
M.A. Carmel, CA"

"To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to offer sincere thanks to the two women in the Middlebury Store who took the time to find small squirrel charms from several years ago and put them on hold for us. I bought squirrels for myself and a friend before entering eighth grade and we have worn them ever since. Now the squirrel has even greater meaning as my unofficial college mascot. When I thought I had lost mine and my friend had worn hers out from daily use, I was eager to replace ours and purchase others as roommate gifts. Even though I have since found mine, the delight on my friend's face was priceless, and I have to thank the pair who took the time to dig them out of the back.

Thank you again,
A.G. Middlebury, VT"

"Danforth Pewter,
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service I received with my recent purchase of a Bartlett vase. The vase was chosen as a wedding gift for a family member. Our goal was to purchase something unique and also support our local businesses. The particular vase we selected was a store sample which had minor blemishes. We preferred it over other new vases the store staff patiently unpacked to show us. The staff at the Waterbury store offered to have the vase refinished which would restore it to “like new” condition and call us when it was ready to be picked up. This was handled seamlessly. We were delighted with the condition of the vase and it was gift wrapped for us. Your staff at the Waterbury store was efficient, professional, and conveyed genuine appreciation of the product. While at the Moretown Post Office, the first was an unfortunate victim of Hurricane Irene. Our post office flooded to the top of the counters. The box containing the vase was totally saturated and Mad River silt had scratched and stained the vase. We were quite upset by this turn of events but it was minor compared to the devastation in our town. Once the “war zone” atmosphere in our town settled down I took the vase back to the store to seek advice. The staff again handled the situation with efficiency and professionalism. The vase was sent to Middlebury to be refinished and we awaited news of the cost. We were later told that it was being done free of charge! Quite amazing! Please know how much your generosity and the help of the employees at the Waterbury store meant. It is comforting to know that those of us impacted by the flood had support beyond measure, and from companies not in our immediate valley. Gestures such as this one brought something positive to our family during a tough time. Thank you.

S.W. Moretown, VT"

“The quality of the pieces ordered was superb -- very appropriate for classic, memorable gifts. Their work is simply stunning.”

“Danforth did an amazing job with my order. They understood my deadline and made sure that they were able to get my order to me in time. I have been a customer for years and look forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.”

“Great products and great service. Recommended!”

“Perfect transaction! Quality workmanship, well packaged and packed for shipping, quickly delivered. Looking forward to doing business again.”

“After 20 years of doing business w/ Danforth, they are still one of my favorite merchants.”

“After 15 years, I continue to be not only a satisfied customer, but very much appreciate the ease of buying from Danforth online. Thank you.”

“The most beautiful pewter I’ve ever purchased! Great people, too! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Danforth did a wonderful job working with me to make sure a multiple-piece last-minute order was delivered together and in time. Customer service was outstanding.”

“Danforth is excellent. Top quality products that will last generations!”

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