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Every day is Earth Day
at Danforth!

Danforth has been an environmental leader since the day we were founded in 1975. We have achieved essentially zero metal waste in our workshop, reusing every last metal shaving and splattered drop of liquid metal. When we built our solar farm, we became (as far as we know) the world’s first 100% solar-powered pewter workshop. Probably biggest of all, we have committed to getting to zero fossil fuel use. That won’t be easy, since we have four oil furnaces to heat our old buildings, and we use propane to melt the pewter in the casting pots so we can pour it into our molds. Plus we all drive to and from work in gas-powered cars, and we lease retail space in conventionally heated buildings. It will be hard, but we’re going to do it. Heat pumps, electric casting pots, and electric cars are all in our near future!
Our solar farm consists of
12 panels and sits below the
mighty Snake Mountain.

Danforth was a founding member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, and has taken an active role in lobbying for environmental legislation (among other legislation and policies that reflect our human values). Most recently, we co-authored a proposal called The ESSEX Plan to price carbon pollution in Vermont, and the state legislature agreed to fund a study of the plan. Meanwhile, we’re doing our part, generating about twice as much clean electricity as we use, which means there’s extra clean power for our friends at Gardener’s Supply to use.

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