Sustainability at Danforth

Giving a charge to electric cars

​We are delighted that our flagship retail store at 52 Seymour St in Middlebury now offers free recharging for our guests with electric cars. Danforth is committed to getting to zero fossil fuel use as fast as possible, so when Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County and Green Mountain Power offered to provide the charging station as long as we paid for installation, we leaped at the chance. Luckily, we share a building with Adams Electric, so getting the charging station up and running was quick and easy.

Our solar farm consists of 12 panels and sits below the mighty Snake Mountain.

​Several years ago, we took our first big step toward zero emissions by building a solar farm on land owned by one of our employees. The solar farm produces more electricity than we use, which means there’s extra clean power for our friends at to use. This also means when customers charge their cars at our charging station, they’re getting zero emissions transportation powered by zero emissions electricity. Plus, recharging comes with a prime parking spot. We are also offering free charging to employees whenever customers aren’t using the charging station, and although right now only one employee has an electric car, we hope there will soon be many more.

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