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 5 Gifts that Truly Say Thank You

5 Gifts that Truly Say Thank You

Jan 31st 2023

When someone has shown a great kindness, it can be hard to find a gift that really says "thank you." One that conveys the depth of your appreciation, that truly lets them know what a difference they've made.

We can help with that.

Here are five ways to say thanks with a handcrafted gift that will last a lifetime.


Our oil lamps provide unique, warm lighting that's perfect for a gathering of loved ones or a quiet night at home. They also light the darkness during a power outage, providing peace, warmth, and beauty during a time of uncertainty.

Oil lamps are both beautiful and functional, both symbolic and literal providers of warmth and light. Many people use them for evening rituals game nights, holiday lighting, romantic dinners, and m"Beautiful lamp, outstanding craftsmanship. We saw your company on How It’s Made and my husband was so taken by your product, which made him think of childhood memories with his grandparents." –Nancy



What's sweeter than a gnome delivering a message of thanks? These playful friends will instantly become a part of their home, bringing charm and whimsy to any shelf, bookcase, or windowsill.

While gnomes aren't traditionally associated with gratitude, there's plenty of room for creativity here. Write a note or draw a picture of what you're thankful for, and let the gnomes deliver the message!

"What a great find! I’m usually hesitant buying without seeing or touching something but this is amazing! I could not be happier. It is heavy, well made with lots of details and will remain out all year in my house!" –Happy Shopper



The first of these gorgeous, light-catching cups was spun on our 100-year-old lathe by Danforth's senior spinner as a gift for a co-worker. Each cup we sell is made individually, making it a touching gift of thanks for anyone who has shown a great kindness.

A wonderful gift for anyone who loves a well-mixed cocktail, craft beer, or mocktail, this cup will be a lifelong reminder of your appreciation.

"I received a [Hammered] Jefferson Cup as a gift and loved it! It's beautifully designed, the craftsmanship is wonderful, and it's fun to use. And so I bought a similar one for my wife. I'm sure she'll love it, too!" –J.



Photos are a wonderful way to maintain a practice of gratitude in one's own home, and they're also a much-loved gift that says thank you, especially after years of friendship or an especially meaningful event.

Keep your favorite memories alive inside a handcrafted frame, designed to complement any photo with subtle elegance.

"I have been buying from Danforth for at least 15 years. Everything I have purchased is top quality, this frame included. I love your products!" –Shari



A universal symbol of gratitude, hummingbirds are a cherished sight to people all over the world. Their delicate beauty, exquisite coloring, and the role they play in the ecosystem makes them a joy to see, whether it's in your garden or at your feeder. These artistice renderings of hummingbirds will bring a sense of lightness and joy wherever they are hung.

"Delightful. I love hummingbirds, and these make me smile whenever I see them." –Charlotte

We hope these unique gifts have given you ideas for how you can best say thank you. As a small business, we want to say thank you to you for considering us when looking for meaningful, thoughtful, light-their-face-up gifts.

To read more about how we make everything we sell, click here.

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