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6 Advent Traditions to Make Your Holidays Bright

6 Advent Traditions to Make Your Holidays Bright

Sep 23rd 2022

For many people, Advent is one of the most special times of year. It’s a time for reflection and meditation, allowing the early nightfall to calm our minds and focus on what’s important. At the same time, it can be a time of gathering with loved ones, for making joyful memories of shared laughter, warmth, and fun.

At Danforth, it's our mission to handcraft ornaments, oil lamps, and other items that will help you create those traditions and share those memories. Here are six ideas for how you can do that this holiday season.

1. Set a Table that Shows How Much you Care

pewter plate, engravable napkin ring, holiday table setting

Pewter makes a gorgeous addition to any table, especially when paired with high-contrast textures such as linen, glass, and wood. A table set with pewter creates an atmosphere of intimacy and beauty, and lets your loved ones know just how happy you are to have them in your home.

2. Honor the Season with an Advent Wreath

Advent wreath, pewter Advent wreath

It has long been a tradition to light an Advent Wreath, honoring the passing of time and the themes associated with each candle. Our four-piece Advent Wreath Candleholder Set can be arranged however you like: spread out or close together, so it will fit perfectly with your unique decor. Wherever your Advent Wreath comes from, we hope it brings you light and meaning.

3. Count Down the Days Until Christmas...and Make it Fun!

Advent Calendar, Gnomes, how to fill an Advent Calendar, what to put in an Advent calednar

Advent Calendars are especially meaningful when you add your own surprises inside each door. Our Gnomes, netsukes, and other tokens and charms are perfect for adding to your Advent Calendar and helping you count the days till Christmas.

4. Personalize your Seating Arrangement

Gingerbread ornament, table setting, seating assignments, personalized ornaments
One of our newest designs, the Gingerbread Gothic Ornament, marks a special place for a dinner guest.

Personalized ornaments are a wonderful way to show your guests to their seats! Leave one at each place setting and watch their faces light up as they find the one for them. You can show guests to their seats with ornaments in two ways:

Ornaments also make perfect host and hostess gifts. Hang one around the neck of a wine bottle as an added treat.

5. Create a Space for Reflection

Oil lamps, Advent decor, Advent lighting, winter lighting, Advent decoration
Oil lamps are a wonderful way to create a peaceful space for reflection during Advent.

Lengthening nights are a wonderful time to create a ritual around light and meditation. When it comes to creating a space for reflection, there's nothing quiet quite like the warm glow of oil lamps. These beauties will illuminate the long winter nights and help you find mindfulness and peace, even on the busiest days. They pair beautifully with Christmas trees, candles, and firelight.

6. Make a Toast to Loved Ones Near and Far

Barware, drinkware, Jefferson cup, martini
Handcrafted barware makes any toast extra special.

A well-mixed cocktail deserves an exquisite cup. Whether you’re serving up drinks for a small, intimate gathering, or hosting a cocktail party for the neighborhood, handspun barware is a key way to brings beauty into the details of any event, helping you and your guests appreciate every sip.

Each piece of Danforth barware is spun individually and finished by hand, giving yours its own unique variations. This makes for excellent conversation as well as good spirits. Cheers to festive winter nights with loved ones!

At Danforth, we know how important traditions are to you, and we are honored that our handcrafted pewter pieces can be a part of your holidays. This coming Advent and always, we wish you peace, warmth, and light.