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Five of our favorite summer ornaments (and what to do with them)

Five of our favorite summer ornaments (and what to do with them)

Posted by Danforth Pewter on Aug 3rd 2023

Ornaments are more than decor...they're a chance to get creative!

Our ornaments run the gamut from modern to old-fashioned, quirky to serious. They can commemorate anything from a fun vacation to a dear loved friend or relative. They can say "Remember that time...?" or "I love bumblebees!" or "You mean the world to me." With over one hundred ornaments to choose from, there's no end to how you can get creative with gifting and decorating all year round.

Here are some of our favorite summer ornaments and ways we love to gift and display them.

1. Adirondack Chair Ornament

Adirondack Chair Ornament (engravable)

The Adirondack Chair Ornament is surprisingly versatile! It can symbolize retirement, so it makes a great gift for the recent or soon-to-be retiree. It can serve as a souvenir after a coastal vacation (since it does double duty as a beach chair!). It can symbolize long summer evenings on the porch, sunny 4th of July picnics, and escapes to that cabin in the mountains.

Like many of our ornaments, this one can be engraved to make it even more personal.

2. Daylily Ornament

Daylily Ornament

Use ornaments to denote place settings at dinner parties and weddings.

It can be so fun to pick out a special ornament for each of your guests. Like what, you ask? Well, how about...

Have fun finding the perfect one for each person, and then watching their face light up when they find their place!

3. Purple Iris Ornament

Purple Iris Ornament

Hang an ornament around the neck of a wine bottle to surprise the host or hostess of backyard parties and weddings this summer. Flower ornaments like the Purple Iris make a lovely accent, especially for those events that take place in a garden.

4. Seagulls Ornament

Seagulls Ornament

"Some customers who have coastal-themed homes buy our ornaments as part of the decor for their guest rooms or entranceways." —Dawn, Woodstock Store Manager

Ornaments can function like miniature sculptures or pieces of art, drawing attention to small spaces like bookshelves, nooks, and houseplants. Many of our ornaments also make gorgeous silhouettes in windows.

5. Sailboat Ornament

Sailboat Ornament

"I have ornaments hanging on my hutch knobs at home as reminders of things I love." —Laura, Williamsburg Store Manager

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