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How to Choose Jewelry for a Gift

How to Choose Jewelry for a Gift

Oct 19th 2022

How do you choose jewelry as a gift? Accessories are a very personal choice, so it can be difficult to gift someone a necklace or pair of earrings that they’ll actually wear. On the other hand, it's a unique pleasure to give a gift that's not only meaningful to the recipient, but is also something that fits their style—so it's worth the extra time and consideration to find just the right gift.

By putting some thoughtfulness into your jewelry selection, you can make sure to give a gift that they'll cherish...and actually wear!

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing jewelry as a gift.


Notice whether they opt for gold, silver, or bronze tones, or earthy materials such as leather. While some people mix and match, most people stick to one type: i.e., someone who wears a lot of gold jewelry often won't switch to silver or pewter. (Pewter and silver are very different metals, but they appear similar.)

Of course, if you don't know their preference, you can always ask!

Pictured, right: Wishstone Necklace (also available as earrings)


Sometimes, jewelry can communicate a message, literally or figuratively. Remember those "best friend" necklaces from middle school—two necklaces whose pendants fit together, usually two halves of a heart? Other jewelry (or the adult version of those!) that sends a message might be a charm with a word or saying inscribed on it, like our Together Necklace (left), which has written on the back "Your heart and my heart are very old friends. –Hafiz".

Also pictured: Original Heart Tray


Jewelry isn't only about aesthetics; it's also about values and passions.

For example, many people with a strong sense of religion wear a cross. Someone who loves hummingbirds might, naturally, wear hummingbird-themed jewelry. Others prefer more abstract jewelry, which still holds meaning: for example, a spiral might symbolize growth. In the case of Danforth jewelry, there are lots of options to choose from, such as jewelry with themes of butterflies, clovers, dragonflies, and hearts; as well as jewelry with more abstract themes such as stability, flow, and serenity. We even offer three designs based on dance steps (Lindy, Samba, and Tango)—so there's a unique option for the dancers and dance lovers in your life!

[Images, row of 3: Artisan Cross Necklace, Lindy / Fiesta Jewelry, Cardinal Gifts]


Simple, funky, boho, chic, modern, vintage? Do they love to get dressed up, or are they more casual? Do they love to mix it up, or do they opt for similar jewelry most days?

Remember, size matters! Do they choose big, noticeable pieces with thick, chunky chains? Or mini pendants with thin, delicate chains?

Pay attention to what they wear on a daily basis as well as for special occasions. If you're close with this person and go shopping with them, notice what they point out, what they comment on. Do they like big, bold statement jewelry? Or do they opt for more subtle, minimalist, understated? 

Pictured left, from top: Celtic Knot Necklace & Earrings, Spiral Necklace & Earrings, Ginkgo Leaf Necklace & Earrings, Serenity Necklace & Earrings


The fact is, gifting jewelry can be difficult even if you know someone well. If you want to take the safe track, you can always give a gift card and let them choose their favorite. With so many styles to choose from at Danforth—boho, simple, nature-themed, elegant, you name it—our gift cards are a wonderful gift of choice, because your loved one will be able to choose exactly the piece that they'll love and wear for a lifetime.

Pictured right, clockwise from top left: Together Necklace; Sunrise, Sunset Necklace & Earrings; Pause Necklace & Earrings; Soar Necklace. Together; Sunrise, Sunset; and Pause all have a short saying inscribed on the back. Click through to each product page for details.

Giving a thoughtful, unique gift that's picked out specifically for the person in mind can be a distinct pleasure. It's a way to see the person from a different perspective, considering aspects of their style or personality that you may not have considered before. We hope that with our selection of thoughtfully designed, handcrafted jewelry, you can enjoy the gift-giving process and find the piece that's exactly right for your loved one.