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What's Popular This Year (and Why): 2023's Best Sellers

What's Popular This Year (and Why): 2023's Best Sellers

Posted by Danforth Pewter on Aug 9th 2023

One characteristic of Danforth is that both our customers and our employees tend to be thoughtful people who value tradition, family, and beauty. Those values are evident in the products that become customer favorites--pieces that help families build meaningful traditions, share happy moments, and foster laughter and intimacy.

Here are ten of this year's best sellers.

1. The Reindeer Barn, our 2023 Annual Ornament

If you follow the path around Santa's Workshop, you'll see through the trees another magical building: the Reindeer Barn. Here is where Santa's magical reindeer live, eat, sleep, and train all year round. On Christmas Eve, you'll find a lot of activity here! Elves loading presents in Santa's sleigh, fitting the harnesses on each reindeer, checking that Naughty & Nice list one more time...the Barn is abuzz on the night before Christmas!

This is the scene we imagined for our 2023 Annual Ornament, the "sequel" to our bestselling 2022 Annual, Santa's Workshop. 

This handcrafted ornament is the latest in our long tradition of Annual Ornaments. Since 1987, when Judi Danforth first carved and cast the Angel Ornament as the very first Annual, Danforth has designed and crafted one unique ornament every year.

2. Snowflake Bentley 2023 Ornament

Each year, Danforth Pewter releases a much-anticipated snowflake design based on one of Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley's 5000 original photographs of individual snow crystals. W.A. Bentley was a Vermont farmer who adapted a microscope to a bellows camera and became the first person to photograph a single snowflake. In doing so, he astonished the world with his discovery that no two snowflakes are alike. The collection is now maintained by the Jericho, Vermont Historical Society, who commissions Danforth Pewter each year to create limited-edition products based on his original photograph.

This year's Snowflake Bentley ornament design draws on an intricate yet classic six-pointed snowflake with lots of space between the crystals, allowing for a beautiful interplay of pewter and light—whether that's sunlight in a window or the twinkle of lights on a tree.

The Annual Ornament and Snowflake Bentley are two core parts of Danforth. Many families cherish the tradition of gifting one or both to loved ones year after year, building up a beautiful collection that can be displayed year-round or brought out specially for the holidays.

3. Mariner Oil Lamp

A Danforth Pewter classic, the Mariner Oil lamp was first spun by Fred Danforth and is now our most popular Danforth Pewter lamp, in part thanks to the Discover Channel's How It's Made

"I've had two of these lamps for over ten years. I love the form and chimney along with its warm glow when lit. I especially love them when the power goes out and I can rely on them to light the way without having exposed candles burning everywhere. I've even gifted them for weddings. I feel it's a statement piece as well as a conversation piece. Thanks for your wonderful craft!"~Bunny

4. Jefferson Cup (satin finish)

An authentic reproduction in pewter of one of the eight silver drinking cups designed by Thomas Jefferson and made for him by John Letelier of Richmond, Virginia. Originally a Shirley Pewter design, the satin Jefferson Cup (and its siblings, the polished and hammered Jefferson Cups) are longtime customer favorites.

Designed to be used everyday and last for generations, the clean, elegant lines and durability of the Mariner Oil Lamp and the Jefferson Cup appeal to those who value sophistication, style, and creating mindful rituals, as well as day-to-day functionality.

5. Celtic Motherhood Knot Ornament

Celtic- and clover-themed designs tend to be customer favorites throughout the year, not just around St. Patrick's Day! These designs can honor a lineage that traces back to Ireland, and they also symbolize luck, the strength of family bonds, and unity.

A modern take on the ancient Celtic symbol, our new Motherhood Knot Ornament is designed to revere and celebrate motherhood in all its forms. The graceful curves and textures of this ornament make it a lovely addition to any home decor, not just at Christmastime, but year-round. Also known as the Celtic Mother Knot, this ornament is specifically designed to honor all mothers, including grandmothers, mother figures, foster mothers, mothers-to-be, and anyone who has loved and cared for a child.

6. Clover Lapel Pin

"Was looking for a hat pin for my daughter, as she's really starting to embrace her Irish heritage. I saw this and thought it was very simple, very elegant, and something that would last. she absolutely loves it, and it's both beautiful and elegant in it's simplicity. Five stars, easily." ~Casey

7. Keep Going Paperweight

The Danforth community tends to be thoughtful and often spiritual, people who like to send messages of hope and strength, whether that's to close family and friends or to strangers they meet in the street. Hence the ongoing popularity of pieces such as our Keep Going Paperweight.

"LOVE this. So profound for our current times. Got it for a Christmas present." ~Betty

8. Angel Pocket Coins

Of course, that also applies to the Angel Pocket Coins. These tokens are small yet powerful reminders of courage, inspiration, healing, good luck, or strength during difficult times. Many people love to carry a dozen or so with them in their wallets and give them as a thank you to a kind stranger or as a random act of kindness. 

They're also lovely tokens included in get-well cards, or given out as favors at a memorial service or celebration of life. 

9. Snö the Snowgnome

Of course, the Danforth ethos isn't all serious! Both our employees and our customers also value play, fun, and laughter. We love designing from a place of imagination and play, which is what inspired new friends like Snö the "Snowgnome" the newest member of our ever-growing gnome family.

10. Wobble Chicks

The Wobble Chicks (from left: Newt, Poppy, and Lucky) are distant relatives of the Wobble Bunnies, who came hopping into Danforth in 2022. All the Wobbles make for fun, lively, and interactive spring decor, wobbling away in Easter baskets and on coffee tables or wherever your home needs a little extra life. We hope these little critters bring a smile to your face just like to do to ours!

"I purchased the chick set for Easter and we love them! So well made and they put a smile on your face!"~Mari

See all our best sellers right here. (They change over time, so you might see a different list than what you've read here.)

Thank you for interest in and support of small artisanal businesses like ours. We wouldn't be able to explore the creative side of both tradition and play without you.

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