Leaf Medallion / Blue Oil Lamp with 6" Globe

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Danforth Pewter oil lamps make stunning gifts for weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, retirement, or any other meaningful occasion. They burn cleanly and odorlessly, providing a welcome alternative to candles, and are designed to last a lifetime. Each and every lamp is spun and assembled by human hands, individually. The blue detail on this lamp is applied by hand.

All year round, whether on a dining table, a coffee table, or outside on a porch, the Leaf Medallion / Blue Oil Lamp provides beautiful, warm lighting that's perfect for a gathering of loved ones or a night of solitary reflection. It is as functional as it is beautiful; it will reliably light the darkness during a power outage, providing security, peace, and even beauty during a time of uncertainty.

Watch an oil lamp being made on the Discovery Channel's How It's Made, which shows Danforth Pewter spinners making a Mariner Oil Lamp.

Dimensions & Specifications

Each oil lamp is spun individually by hand by our talented pewter spinners. For this reason, all dimensions are approximate. Subtle variations are natural.

  • The Leaf Medallion / Blue Oil Lamp holds 8 ounces of oil. Oil burns at approximately 3 hours per ounce (based on our smokeless liquid paraffin oil).
  • It measures about 8 3/4 inches tall from the bottom of the lamp to the top of the glass chimney.
  • Comes packaged in a gift box. Wholesale orders do not include a gift box.
  • Replacement wick for this lamp is the Small Replacement Wick, SKU #89-029-0496. Replacement glass chimney is the Nutmeg, SKU #89-029-0478.
Danforth products are made by hand in our Vermont artisan workshopDanforth products are made by hand in our Vermont artisan workshop
Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.

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