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 3 Unorthodox Ways to Make Valentine's Day Special

3 Unorthodox Ways to Make Valentine's Day Special

Jan 4th 2023

A lot of people groan when they see Valentine's Day decorations in stores. The cardboard hearts, the candy boxes, the sappy commercials...rather than inspiring affection, it makes a lot of people cringe.

That said, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be sappy, and it doesn't have to be commercial. There's never a wrong time to tell someone you care about them, so in our opinion, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to do just that. And you can get creative doing it, too!

Let this Valentine's Day be an opportunity to show your love to those who matter most.

Here are three unorthodox ways to do that.


Handcrafted picture frames are a wonderful way to preserve your favorite memories. They make meaningful gifts, especially to loved ones who live far away. Designed to last for generations, our frames provide an elegant and whimsical way to celebrate the people you love most.


There's nothing quite like getting an unexpected package in the mail from a dear friend who's far away. Or having a pleasant run-in with a stranger, then seeing the delight on their face when you hand them an angel coin. Or finding your favorite animal waiting for you at your desk.

Surprise a friend, neighbor, coworker or kind stranger with a token of your appreciation. It's amazing how far a little bit of thoughfulness can go!


Treating yourself with jewelry that makes you feel gorgeous is a fun way to show a little self-love. Danforth jewelry is designed to be meaningful as well as stylish, so spend some time find the piece the speaks to you! Whether you're a lover of nature, someone who's seeking serenity, a diehard beach bum, or whatever your fancy, we have something that will express your style and serve as a reminder to love yourself first.

As a small business, we're truly grateful for your support. When you shop small and local, you're supporting your local economy, supporting small businesses, and helping your neighbors pay their employees living wages. Your support really makes a difference to us, our families, and our communities.

From our hearts to yours...thank you.

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