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3 Things we Wish for You this Thanksgiving

3 Things we Wish for You this Thanksgiving

Nov 24th 2022

Thanksgiving comes right in the middle of a chaotic time for many people. Whirlwind travel schedules, increased work load, Christmas shopping and holiday's not hard for the meaning of the season to get buried under an ever-growing to-do list.

The only solution for that is, of course, to take a moment, step back from the chaos, and focus on what's important.

However you spend you holidays, whether you're hosting or traveling, alone or with others, here are three things we wish for you, now and every day of the year.


3 pewter stones with the words imagine, believe, and hope

We all know the importance of true, heartfelt gratitude. Not only does it help us appreciate what we have, instead of constantly chasing after what we don't; it also has demonstrated health effects, both mental and physical. That's why it's a wonderful idea to incorporate some form of gratitude practice into your day. Whether that's a one-line gratitude journal, saying grace before meals, or making a daily commitment to meditation or prayer, we wish you a heart full of gratitude, and all the beautiful, life-changing ripple effects that come with it.


Whether you're visiting family or hosting, gathering with loved ones or spending time alone, we wish for you a community that nourishes and supports you as best as they can. If that's not a nuclear family, may it be friends or neighbors, near or far.

Even though parties and gatherings can sometimes create stress, it's our relationships that determine our quality of life. We hope that you're able to navigate the busy holidays with the right balance of society and solitude.

Holiday tablesetting showing pewter plates, napkin rings, and barware


2 pewter oil lamps and a pewter vase in front of a fire

Between grocery shopping and phone calls...between wrapping presents and signing cards...between moments, between meetings, between all the calls for your attention, we hope that you find center and quiet.

As the days get more and more packed, we wish you an inner calm that cannot be shaken. It is only when we cultivate that inner peace that we can manage a busy schedule with serenity and wisdom, and only when our hearts are tranquil that we can share that love and peace with others.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us in this busy time. We hope that our thoughtfully designed, carefully handcrafted gifts and decor can serve as meaningful reminders of what's important, now and all year-round.