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With Gratitude, on Giving Tuesday 2023

With Gratitude, on Giving Tuesday 2023

Posted by Danforth Pewter on Nov 28th 2023

As we take a breath after the non-stop work of being a retail business over this past weekend, we are reflecting on how grateful we are for all of our customers.

Danforth is a small business rooted in our communities. It is important to us to give back to our communities—large and small—when we can. On this Giving Tuesday, we look back at the last year of giving and what it has meant to us.

First and foremost, we would not be able to give back to help make the world a better place without your support. The revenue from our product sales is what allows us to donate. In the last year, we have donated:

  • $1,417 to the Wounded Warrior Project, supported by sales of our Remembrance Poppy designs in November.
  • $2,074 to Pollinator Partnership, based on sales of our pollinator-theme designs in June.
  • $16,258 to a variety of national and local organizations dedicated to providing food security. This initiative was especially meaningful to us all, as our store managers each selected a local organization to receive the funds and connected in person to make the donation.
  • And finally, sales of our Vermont Strong Keyring will help us donate at least $3,700 this year to the Vermont Disaster Recovery Fund, which is the fund of last resort for residents who have been affected by disaster. The most recent disaster in the Brave Little State of Vermont (where Danforth is headquartered) was a series of floods starting in July 2023 that left up to 4000 homes uninhabitable in a state that was already experiencing a housing crisis.

There will always be need in our communities and in our world. The whole team at Danforth is filled with gratitude for the ways that you, our customers, support us—in turn allowing us to give back. Strong communities help make strong businesses, and we will continue to provide support when we are able.

Wishing you peace this holiday season,

The Danforth Team