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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ornaments

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ornaments

Oct 5th 2022

Ever since Judi and Fred Danforth started working with pewter in an old Woodstock, Vermont dairy barn, ornaments have been a core part of our history.

Judi, whose expertise in casting pewter is to thank for many beloved Danforth products (jewelry, ornaments, netsukes, etc), was passionate about creating meaningful pieces of décor that could be displayed year-round, not just at Christmas. She loved finding new ways to work with pewter to create beautiful ornaments that families would cherish for a lifetime. That’s why we have such a robust and extensive selection: from bird ornaments to Annuals, from nautical-themed to mini sets, from classic vintage designs like to modern ones like the Christmas Pickle. There’s no limit to what kind of ornaments can be cast in pewter, which means there’s something for every taste, style, and hobby.

Here are some of our personal favorites...

1. Mistletoe & Holly 2010 Annual Ornament

“I love the Mistletoe & Holly 2010 Annual Ornament. I love that it is two-sided and I love the jewel-like holly berries alongside the creamy white mistletoe berries, and I love the way it hangs, like real mistletoe. Last year, my first at Danforth, everyone in my family got a little pewter. I sent this one to my aunt in Atlanta, and she loved it. She sent me a photo and she was wearing the ornament like a pendant! Like my necklace? she said, I was looking for a touch of color to add a bit of Christmas to my outfit and voila! I love it. It might not ever make it to the tree.” —Jenny in Customer Service

Mistletoe and Holly Christmas Ornament

2. Sleigh Bell Ornament

"When my kids were little they LOVED the book The Polar Express. One of my favorite memories of them is going to North Conway and taking “The Polar Express” to the “North Pole”. The Sleigh Bell Ornament reminds me of that time: 'The bell still rings for all who truly believe.'"
—Kristen, Portsmouth Store Manager

Sleigh Bell Ornament

3.Snowy Tree Ornament

"Of all our designs, I like the Snowy Tree the best. The way the pewter captures the texture of the snow on the evergreen branches is just so well done, and it makes me think of going to get our Christmas tree every year."
—Sarah, VP Marketing

Snowy Tree Ornament

4. Sweet Anticipation 2017 Annual Ornament

"My favorite ornament is the Sweet Anticipation Annual Ornament. It reminds me of my three year old son, and my dog, waiting to eat and decorate treats during the holidays. It always brings me an instant sense of joy."
—Matt, VP of Sales

Boy and Gingerbread House Ornament

5. Hearthside 1996 Annual Ornament

"Love the little kitty curled up on hearthside. No exciting reasons!"
—Laura, Williamsburg Store Manager on the Hearthside Ornament

Fireplace with stockings hung ornament


Woodland wonderland Christmas Ornament

"If I have to choose one, it's 2019's Winter Wonderland. I received it from Fred and Judi. It is my very first ornament for my first Christmas here. It is the epitome of what Vermont is like in the winter. It's the graphic on my store's front door and I love it."
—Marina, Waterbury Store Manager

"I love Wonderland because of the animals. I'm very involved with cat rescue and just love all animals so much."
—Dawn, Woodstock Store Manager

7. A Keeper 2009 Annual Ornament

"A great representation of Vermont, from a born and raised Vermonter!"
—Leda, Middlebury Store Manager, on A Keeper

Christmas Tree in Truck Ornament

8. Lion and Lamb 1993 Annual Ornament

"I like the Lion and Lamb Ornament. The lion is cool, the lamb is sweet, and the fact that it says 'Peace' in 11 languages creates a nice chorus."
—Bram, CEO

Lion and Lamb pewter peace ornament

9. Candy Cane Ornament

The Candy Cane Ornament is the favorite of D., our talented engraver. It's simple design and bright colors make it an instant classic Christmas ornament.

Candy Cane Ornament

We cherish our ornaments, and we hope that you do too. Each one is the result of many, many hours of careful design and craftmanship, and we take pride in each one that ships our from our workshop.

Thank you for inviting Danforth into your holidays. It is an honor for us to be a part of your tradition.

Inside the Danforth Workshop
Color being hand-applied to our Sweet Anticipation 2017 Annual Ornament.